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frequently asked technical questions#

why implement ubi as a cryptocurrency blockchain?

simple. it's much cheaper than handing out fiat. since a currency is as valuable as humans believe it to be, the jury is still out on wether a blockchain based ubi can be as effective as a fiat based ubi.

what does it cost to run snapr?

a little more than nothing, considering the potential.

we run a few cloud services per deployment. it comes in around $500 monthly. here's the mainnet breakdown (see aws calculator):

  • bootnodes (substrate validators)
    • trillian (singapore, r5a.large, 120gb ~ $77.18 monthly)
    • ford (stockholm, r5.large, 120gb ~ $73.86 monthly)
    • arthur (ashburn, r5a.large, 120gb ~ $63.83 monthly)
  • explorer
    • elb (frankfurt ~ $19.71 monthly)
    • gql (frankfurt, 2 ร— t3.micro, 120gb ~ $34.90 monthly)
    • rds (frankfurt, db.t3.micro, 120gb ~ $63.42 monthly)
  • telemetry
    • api (frankfurt, t3.micro, 120gb ~ $17.45 monthly)
  • secrets, storage, automation, dns ~ $50 monthly