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frequently asked philosophical questions#

what is unconditional or universal basic income?

there's a good explanation on wikipedia at: universal basic income

does snapr provide an unconditional or universal basic income?

snapr is available to every human, without exception and without charge at a rate of 1 unit per human per day until the supply is exhausted.

there are technical challenges around ensuring that an individual only maintains a single identity and those challenges necessitate some safeguards that may increase the difficulty some humans experience in gaining access to the snapr they are entitled to.

snapr endeavours to set the bar to access as low as practicable and we welcome assistance and ideas on how that bar may be lowered further without compromising on the caveat that no human should obtain more than the fair share all humans are entitled to.

does snapr make humans lazy, since they aren't required to work for a share?

we don't know. we've never experienced a world where all humans have enough of their basic requirements for survival.

we do know that a world without ubi includes a lot of humans that don't have their basic needs met.

the snapr mission is to reduce suffering caused by a lack of the fundamentals of human survival. there may be other causes dedicated to reducing human laziness, but this is not on the snapr agenda.

who would accept snapr in payment?

anyone who has a snapr wallet.

most cryptocurrencies struggle to reach large numbers of humans prepared to hold or exchange that crypto for goods or services because most cryptocurrencies must be bought.

since snapr is obtained free of charge, but at a throttled pace, the number of humans who may already have a wallet, is likely to grow faster than it does for cryptocurrencies that must be bought. mostly because the economic barrier to entry is lower for free cryptocurrencies than it is for crypto that can only be bought or received in exchange for goods or services. everyone (who requests it) gets snapr for free, every day if they create a wallet and identity and get it validated.

in short, you could speed up the success of snapr as an unconditional or universal basic income, by accepting it in payment for your own goods and services.

if you aren't ready to do that, don't worry. snapr is intended to help the worlds poorest humans and they can be a lot faster at accepting a free helping hand, than those who are in less need. the world's have-nots are more plentiful than its haves and it's the have-nots who will bring crypto based ubi to its intended purpose.